Monday, July 14, 2014


In the city of baseball, I attended one game at Yankee stadium and several Mets games at Citi Park in Queens where I sat in the nosebleed seats trying to keep track of the game while people wandered back and forth getting their refreshments for most of the game.

And I found that, by far, the best place to watch baseball in New York City is at MCU Stadium in Coney Island, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones.

There isn’t a bad seat at MCU Stadium so you can clearly see all the action, and it’s right at the beach so you have the sea breeze with seagulls flying overhead.  Farther down the boardwalk, as it gets dark, the colored lights on the Wonder Wheel and Cyclone rollercoaster come on like a promise of more fun.  The stadium is family oriented with lots of games for the kids to win prizes and tickets are very affordable.    

The Cyclones are one of the New York Mets’ farm teams, and while player performance may be uneven on different days, these are still some of the best baseball players in the country [including major league players, there are about 6,000 pro baseball players in the US].  MCU Park is where major-league Mets players on the disabled list work their way back to Citi Field in Queens.  So there’s a possibility of seeing some legends up close [I saw a Mets player every time I went to a Cyclones game].

The pleasure here is in watching skilled players play the game.  There aren’t a lot of loud drunks carrying on and blocking your view.  There won’t be fights in the parking lot after the game either.  It’s just baseball.

Post by Alana Cash

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